The United Community of Russian-Speaking Jews of Quebec (UCRJQ) was registered in March, 2007 to coordinate the existing organizations and programs. The most important tasks in the work of the communal organizations is strengthening the ethnic, cultural, and religious identity of the Russian-speaking Jews while preserving the best elements of the cultural heritage of the countries they come from.

The purpose of the cultural and educational work with the Russian-speaking Jews is their successful integration in the Canadian society and determining their socio-political and civil position while preserving their ethno-cultural identity.

Taking advantage of the experience of the Montreal Jewish community as well as the many centuries of the Jewish self-government, we help the Russian-speaking Jews arriving here from East Europe to meet their material and spiritual goals.
We encourage everyone sharing the goals and tasks of the UCRJQ to participate in its programs.

We thank our sponsors for constantly supporting us in the creation of our projects. Special gratitude to the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal for subsidizing our newspaper and the many new projects in works for our community.