Canadian newspaper in Russian language

The Voice of Community newspaper (in Russian, Golos Obschini) will soon turn 15. It is a unique Russian-language newspaper in Quebec. The Voice of Community was created for the new Russian-speaking Canadians who immigrated to Canada after the collapse of the former USSR. Every issue of the newspaper features articles written by outstanding journalists from all over the world.

Twice a month, the newspaper is distributed, free of charge, both around the Greater Montreal area as well as in Ottawa and Vancouver.

More than that: the newspaper is accessible on all the continents of the globe. We are proud that the readers phone us and send us in letters with words of gratitude and appreciation of our work.

Russian-speaking immigrants from the former USSR quickly integrate into the societies of Quebec and Canada, and join the Canadian cultural life.

Together with many public organizations working in Montreal, The Voice of Community, as part of the United Community of Russian speaking Jews of Quebec, organizes topical activities taking into account our cultural unity as well as diversity.

We fully understand our responsibility. In my opinion, we have achieved a lot for the past 15 years bringing the Russian-speaking people closer to their historical roots and supporting their identification and diversity.

Our most important task is to promote our right to live in modern society without fear, being proud of the fact that we belong to a people that deserves respect and appreciation for its great culture and huge achievements in all spheres of life.