The Jewish Russian Community Centre of Montreal
Russian - Jewish Program (RJP)
Russian Club under the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors

The Jewish Russian Community Centre of Montreal

The Jewish Russian Community Centre exists due to generous, kind-hearted charitable contributions of individuals, businesses, and foundations in our community.

Most of our not-so-distant ancestors were strangers to this great nation. It is a long-standing Canadian tradition, as well as a commandment to the Jews, to assist the newcomers to become productive members of the new community.

The Jewish Russian Community Centre of Montreal tries to make the dream come true.

At last, thousands of new Russian Jewish immigrants could freely arrive in Canada! Their long- awaited exit visas allowed them unheard of freedoms and quite a new future. But what was in store for them in Canada? Who would help them morally in their new home?

They came to the Jewish Russian Community Centre for help in their everyday lives in order to learn new tools for maximizing their potentials, materially and morally.

Word soon spread about the growing programs that were offered by JRCC to Russian Jewish immigrants. Within a few years, the programs began to double in size and variety, and then, recently, to quadruple. .

Some of the JRCC programs

  • Youth programs
  • Russian school “Talmud Torah”
  • Senior Program
  • The circumcisions at all ages
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah
  • Jewish Marriage Program
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Judaic classes
  • Library
  • Community synagogue
  • Family Counseling
  • Hospital visitations
  • Food distribution
  • We invite you to join and grow with us.
    Welcome to our Centre!

    Rabi Israel Sirota

    Jewish Russian Community Centre
    Centre communautaire des Juifs de Russie
    6995 Westbury Ave., Montreal. Tel.: 514-737-5438
    5183 Bourret Ave., Montreal, Quebec H3W 1L6
    Tel.: 514-249-9716; Fax: 514-313-5797


    Russian - Jewish Program (RJP)

    Russian Jewish program provides educational and recreational activities to Russian speaking adults and children (to reinforce positive integration into Jewish life in Quebec and Canada), and also to the community members at large. Activities include Jewish holiday celebrations, art shows, concerts, tours, lectures, seminars, theatre performances, movies, etc. and courses. Numerous courses are offered for children ages 4 - 14, teenagers 14 - 17, and also for adults. Among the instructors are renowned Russian performers in music, dance, ballroom dance, acrobatics & belly dance and well known Karate black belt instructor. The instructors speak Russian, English and French.

    Courses for Children: piano, violin, music theory, singing, dance, ballroom dance, acrobatics, karate.

    Courses for Adults: ballroom dance, belly dance & aerobics, karate. Small groups, individual attention, affordable prices.

    The Program is open to all, new people are always welcome.

    5400 Westbury, Montreal H3W 2W8.
    Coordinator: Olga Freiman
    Phone: 514-737-6551, ext.240


    Russian Club under the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors

    It's been for many years now that the Russian Club under the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors opens up its door regularly to welcome golden-age Russian-speaking Montrealers and offer them various interesting programs.

    The Club invites, as its guests, creative people well known in Montreal: writers. journalists, medical doctors, theatre directors, musicians. The programs offered are Encyclopaedia, Musical Box, Literary Salon, Window into the World, Following Our Trips, Way to Longevity. They inform the audience of the latest news in all spheres of life. The programs include excursions as well as visiting museums and exhibitions.

    As experience shows, the warm, well-wishing communication of the compatriots is both interesting and important. The club room is always packed, and the members call the club their second home.

    The history, holidays, and traditions of the Jewish people are among the most important topics. The tasks of preserving and restoring the Jewish community life and culture have always been vital.

    We are happy to see you among our club members. Welcome, dear friends!

    Ella Bazlov is the Club coordinator. For more information, please call us at 514-288-0624.
    The Club meetings are every Thursday from 15.00 to 17.00, at 5700 Westbury Avenue.


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